Cover: Another Song (featuring Greta Lovisa)
Single Digital released on   28 May 2021

Another Song (featuring Greta Lovisa)

Capturing the incomprehensible in music: Chris Wenner asks existential questions in "Another Song". With his music stripped down to its essential elements, effective use of percussion and guitar solos, framed by the equally enchanting and soft voice of his daughter Greta Lovisa, he reminds us of the past, the transient and the positive future that can grow from it: "Here is another tune to grow a sleeping seed. Here is a little bit of what you still might need." He lulls in the listener with lyrics that are both soothing and profound. 

Chris Wenner's tracks put his gentle voice in the foreground and follow his core tenet: Handmade, original music! As a singer-songwriter he can look back on numerous successes and musical collaborations. Greta Lovisa, meanwhile, has recorded and released modern soul-pop releases in her adopted home of London. What a team! As versatile singers, both harmonize congenially and create here the perfect sound for quiet contemplative hours.