Cover: Back on the Road
Single Digital released on   9 April 2021

Back on the Road

Back on the road to anywhere! With warm acoustic sounds, Chris Wenner traces the paths of life that all lead purposefully in one direction: To anywhere! These are the musical short stories that characterize the narrative element of this singer-songwriter. Authentically, he packages his life experience for the listener: dissecting life situations, pouring difficult, profound insights about existence into light sounding form. 

Even the genesis of the song leads along such winding paths: When Chris Wenner had just finished writing it, Anne Haigis - the veteran of the German singer-songwriter scene - was so moved by it that she immediately recorded it and released it on the album "15 Companions" - with Chris playing the acoustic guitar. But: Chris Wenner is a convincing artist in his own right and now presents this composition in his personal interpretation, delivering it in a gentle, warm acoustic way, with a moving message!