Cover: Light as a feather
Single Digital released on   29 April 2022

Light as a feather

A storm that results in a magical journey: Herbie Frames current single "Light as a feather" tells the story of two backpackers who meet on their journey and are stranded at a remote train station due to a storm. The encounter turns into intense, shared travel days full of experiences and adventures. A brief memory, viewed through a sepia filter.

The instrumental of the song is lively, chilled, electronic and skillfully emphasizes the positive attitude towards life and the lightness of the protagonists in the piece. Relaxed EDM beats underline the scene created in the lyrics, light, flowing melodies provide acoustic variety. The vocalists, The Fold and Sarah Lahn, complete the story told in the composition with character and authenticity. They harmonize beautifully, without their timbres bleeding into each other.

“The Fold” is the new pop project by German-American singer-songwriter Michael Lane. In the past, he was able to build up a large fan base and present his vocal strengths to a wide audience with his participation in the show “The Voice of Germany”, where he took 3rd place.

The 22-year-old Sarah Lahn from Bochum has been writing her own songs, often in German, about topics that move her in life, about situations that she experiences, for about 7 years. Thus, love and frustration, fear of the future and self-doubt are often linked to the question of the meaning of life. Melancholy often meets danceable beats. Five years ago she finally moved to the capital to study popular music.