Cover: Virus Null
© Julia Drechsel
Album Digital released on   29 October 2021

Virus Null

"Virus Null" is a risk, an experiment: Eldamaran explores various synthesizers, samples and beats on the long player, making use of various elements from jazz, pop and rock. Not only different musical styles shape Eldamaran's work, different cultures also exert an influence on the pieces: Latin American percussion, Asian melodies and classical compositional approaches turn “Virus Null” into a tonally varied album with many facets and nuances. It remains clearly electronic, synthetic and modern.


Krokodusch 04:12
Pastoral 04:26
Asia Dance 03:40
Twist Move 04:20
Im Wald 03:49
Synthetic Love 03:11
Chill Way 04:53
Virus Null 03:25
Sarabanda 04:08
Langsamer Rag 02:29
Wasserbrunnen 02:37
Turmurakel 05:00
Langsamer Chill 04:44
Cotschum 03:47
Simple Call 02:57
Der See 04:14